Stefanie Young | Copywriter, Content Editor & Proofreader 

I love to sculpt with words, refining existing content using my editing and proofreading skills. I delight in good spelling, grammar and punctuation. I know my malapropisms from my spoonerisms and can spot an illegal apostrophe a mile off. I also enjoy communicating with people to understand what they wish to convey and then helping them to tell their story, all the while maintaining the original voice and sentiment.

Content writing

Images will get you so far, but without captions or written content, they are pretty much hidden from view, or at least, considerably harder to find. The more content you have, the more you are visible to potential customers. I can help to create compelling content for you: online, on paper and on social.

Editing & proofreading

For those who already have written content, but would like a review and / or an edit. A thorough reworking of the content would be considered a hard edit. If the content has already been approved, you may prefer a proofread. I offer these services on any material, print or digital, i.e. promotional materials, in-house presentations or campaigns.

Copywriting for hotels

Hotel copywriting needs to inspire travel, inform and ultimately, capture the essence of your brand. The customer experience of your site is so important, and that includes clear and consistent messaging and a streamlined approach. Reading repetitive information is annoying for the customer, but not finding the information they require is equally frustrating. I can review your existing content (or help you build it from scratch), providing a brief analysis of how I believe I can help you; both in terms of the structure and the language.

Website copywriting

Every brand has a story and I can help you to tell yours. I listen to your unique brand voice, and understand from you, what you do well, what you love most and what you want to talk about. I build the content in line with your existing website structure, in a way that best reaches the customers you are looking to target.

Blog copywriting

A blog is a great way to publish new stories about the business; what you’ve been up to, new plans on the horizon etc., without having to change the structure of your existing website. A blog is becoming increasingly popular in the travel industry to sell the location / destination first. A good example of a successful hotel blog is the Four Seasons Magazine:

Copywriting for marketing materials

From seasonal campaigns to a one-off product launch, or regular marketing material, such as a quarterly newsletter, I can help you to tell your tale and spread the word. Usually working from a marketing brief from you, which may develop from a discussion we have around what you are wanting to achieve, I will then draft the content, and include two edits within the process.